How to burn a Video_TS folder in dvd studio pro

Occasionally I will find myself wanting to burn a dvd from a video_ts folder. That is seemingly an easy thing, but if you simply burn the folder onto a data dvd, then you end up with a disc that will sometimes play on a computer, but never on a standalone dvd player. That is the result of the disc formatting. A DVD needs to have UDF formatting, while a data dvd will end up with (probably) HFS+.

The easiest thing to do is to use toast or popcorn from roxio to burn them to disc. Either one will format the disc properly and let you get on with your business. The only problem is that I don’t have either of those on my editing station. It turns out you can do it via DVD Studio Pro! Here’s How.

Open up a new project and insert a blank dvd. Go to File>Advanced Burn>Format or hit Command-F.

Hit the source directory button and choose the folder that contains your Video_TS folder. I think it is important to have one directory that has nothing but your video_TS in it.

Hit burn. It will give you this popup, ignore it.

Your disc should begin burning. I haven’t tested this extensively, but I did it earlier today and tested it on a standalone dvd player. If you have any more insight onto what is happening with the file formatting, feel free to let me know!

~ by ross on January 27, 2011.

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  1. Hey ! Having same prob – will try this – thanks for posting!!!!

  2. You can also burn a DVD folder as a DVD movie on a blank disc using Free DVD Video Burner 3.0.3

  3. DUDE~! you just saved my butt! Thanks for the tip. Normally use toast but it was off my machine due to a reconfigure. Had to burn a DVD for a last minute meeting with big whigs and your tip helped me squeak it in right under the deadline. Thanks again for posting.

  4. When I do what you say with DVD Studio Pro the files I choose a grayed out, therefore it cant see them. FYI, my Video_TS file is located on a separate drive from my system – could that be the problem? Hope you have some hints.
    Thanks for your effort


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