Compressor repair to the rescue!

I have thankfully not needed to ever use compressor repair before. It has always lived in the back of my mind as one of those backup plans, like triple-a, or life insurance. At work my tower somehow really tweaked itself and compressor was the hardest hit. This was the first sign that something was amiss. I got this immediately after logging in.

From there it got worse. FCP wouldn’t open up, qmaster wouldn’t/couldn’t start, and compressor wouldn’t let me submit any jobs. I was stopped dead. Multiple restarts, zapping the pram, and repairing permissions (remember doing that back in the day?) ended up fixing Final Cut, but not Qmaster. After I.T. frustratedly left I decided it was time for my ace in the hole. I downloaded Compressor repair from digital rebellion and gave it a shot.

This is what the opening screen looks like.

And this is what Compressor Repair found! Weird, right?

I did what it told me and reinstalled from discs. Voila! I’m back to work! I know that many people will say that Compressor repair didn’t actually fix anything. Reinstalling compressor is a somewhat logical step in troubleshooting too. What Compressor Repair did do was to tell me WHY I should reinstall. It told me that there were missing files. Nothing short of a reinstall or restoring from a backup could have helped me then.

Compressor Repair saved me the trouble of reinstalling all of Final Cut Studio and it got me back on my feet much faster. Best of all it is free! Keep it in mind for when the sailing isn’t so smooth, and hopefully it can save your day as well.

PS digital rebellion makes a few other FCP related apps as well. I haven’t tried any of the others, but by the sound of them, they seem helpful. In addition to a bunch of smaller apps like data rate calculator, they make “FCS Maintenance Pack” , “FCP Versioner”, “FCS Remover”, and “Preference Manager”.

~ by ross on November 30, 2010.