2 more applescripts for final cut pro and after effects!

This is a follow up post to my original “2 applescripts for final cut editors” post and boy is it a doozy! I didn’t write these – both scripts have been found elsewhere, but they are so useful I’m putting them up here to spread the word!

The first script is called “Render Notification 1.0.2” by Josh Petok from the current cut. It is a nice little script that watches the processor usage of a few pre-selected apps and will email you when the load goes down. In other words it alerts you to your render finishing. This is possible in a few other ways, but there hasn’t been a nice clean solution that works across multiple apps before.
Josh’s version is available for download here.
I poked around in the code a little bit and enabled it to work with after effects. This is relatively untested, so it might give you an email too early or too late. All credit goes to Josh, as I’m just adding a few lines of code to his.
If you’re feeling lucky, you can try the AE compatible version here.

The second script is the strangely named “AE Suicide” (try to find an ad for that google!) from scott at http://scott.j38.net/. It is a great little app that does one thing: it kills after effects! AE has a pretty good crash control system built in so that if it crashes, then it generally will save a version of your project file to you current directory. The only problem is that AE also loves to hang. It will get stuck for hours if not indefinitely. What this app does is it gives AE the little nudge off of the cliff that it needs for it’s self-preservation to kick in and save out a file. The author does have a disclaimer saying that it doesn’t always work, but then again if it ever works it is better than the alternative.

You can download AE Suicide here

If you have any other useful workflow scripts I would love to hear about them! Hit me up on the “Contact me!” box to the right, or leave them in the comments!

~ by ross on November 10, 2010.

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  1. Damn, is there any possible equivalent of AE Suicide but for final cut pro? Great Apps by the way, thanks!

  2. Sorry Ben.
    I’m afraid FCP doesn’t freeze into the same kind of zombie like state that AE does. Set your auto save to be frequent!

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