site hacked-now fixed-post if you run into any trouble.

yup. the nerds got to me again. Currently there is a redirect to nowhere that makes for an extremely unrewarding browsing experience. I ought to have it fixed in a bit. Nothing to fear, just some script kiddies…

~ by ross on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “site hacked-now fixed-post if you run into any trouble.”

  1. Whooops! If you click on the Easter Egg entry you will be redirected somewhere else.
    To an “get better erection site”.


  2. Thanks Gabriel, you have nothing to fear. The site was compromised a few weeks ago, and then again a few days ago. All suspicions point to it being a media temple backdoor or security breach of some type. They aren’t saying why over 10000 of their sites suddenly got hacked simultaneously. Weird…

    But in other news, thanks for reading!

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