quickie scratch voiceover setup

I have had a lot of problems with instability using protools. Come to think of it, I have had a lot of problems with instability not even using protools but having it installed. Generally what I record is used as a scratch vo track anyways and will eventually be replaced with something recorded by an audio engineer in a sound booth. We recently got new towers at work and the decision was made to not re-install protools. What have we been using?

We’ve been running this Uber-DIY/ghetto way and getting good results.
Just in case you can’t see the photo; it is an iphone with a windscreen. That’s it! It isn’t that revolutionary of an idea, but it works (for scratch) and it looks stupid enough for me to want to share it with the world! Emailing from the iphone is faster than bouncing out of protools most of the time, and for our needs the quality is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes second best is more than good enough!

~ by ross on June 22, 2010.

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  1. What about using the voice over tool in FCP (option + 0)? Although with your option, you can do it anywhere…

  2. Hi Bill!
    The Vo tool seems like it could be a good option, but there is no mic on my tower. I have a really nice mic in the closet, but to use it I need to use the protools box and reinstall drivers and go back down that slippery slope. If you have a usb mic in your quiver then I’d say it definitely seems like a good option. I love how you can sync audio realtime in the timeline AND it drops it in for you when you hit stop.

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