Enable “Bring all to front” in compressor

This has been one of my biggest complaints about Compressor; when you switch to it from another app by clicking into one of the compressor windows, only that window rises to the top. The rest of the windows remain mixed in with the finder windows and other apps you have open below. My big hope for FCS 7 was that they would lock those windows together and have them snap to the top together. LIKE EVERY OTHER APP.

Well, Apple didn’t fix that. Thankfully the smartest man alive recently told me how to ease the pain by creating a shortcut for the unshortcut-able “Bring All to Front” in the compressor menu.

It turns out you can bind keyboard shortcuts to any menu items in in apple’s Keyboard system preference panel! Go to the apple>system prefs>keyboard and then click on the keyboard shortcuts tab.

Click on the plus sign under the main window. From the Application pulldown select Compressor. Now type the menu name in the Menu Title box EXACTLY AS IT IS SPELLED AND CAPITALIZED. Finally select a keyboard shortcut. I used command b. Hit add and then go to compressor and test.

This isn’t a ‘fix’ per se, but it is much easier than pulling down that menu item. This method can be used in any app that doesn’t have keyboard remapping like final cut does, so I’m sure there are plenty of great uses for it!

~ by ross on June 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Enable “Bring all to front” in compressor”

  1. I hate when this happens as well, I usually CMD+Tab to activate an entire application (including its panels) when this occurs.

  2. Great tip. Thanks!

  3. Funny… I just googled “compressor snap bring to front” and got this because it pisses me off so much

  4. Thanks for the tip. It’s just baffling that it works this way. And is there no way to lock all the windows together so I can move the entire app on my screen? I’m guessing there isn’t. Unreal.

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