FCP 7 – reconnect media bug

This one is a bummer. It seems like if you are reconnecting media in final cut 7 you can end up stuck and are forced to force quit. There isn’t really a fix for this other than to not cause it. Luckily the bug is fairly reproducible.

In order to invoke this bug, start out in the reconnect media window and do a search for a missing asset. Then switch to a different app before the media is found. Once the media is found switch back to final cut and you are officially stuck. Neither window has focus, and neither window will let you hit continue or cancel. The only thing to do is to force quit final cut. I’m not sure if the autosave function will work with these windows open, but it couldn’t hurt to let it sit for a while and see if you can get an autosave out before you have to shut it down.

This is an annoying bug, but hopefully it can be avoided by not switching apps during reconnect media searches, and insured against by saving before each reconnect session.

~ by ross on June 1, 2010.

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  1. I HATE this. HATE. It drives me nuts. Glad it isn’t just my machine.

  2. Nope, I’ve seen it happen on 3 machines in the last week. It’s just a mean old bug, that’s all.

  3. […] Full details regarding the bug over at YDWFCP. […]

  4. Yes, it is a mean old bug. It’s been around since FCP 6. I’ve heard that Apple knows about this one, so we’ll just have to sit tight until the next version.

  5. Hi I have a problem with opening my project files on fcp 7. I am new to this software so I fear I have made a school boy error. I uploaded around 11 mini dv tapes from my camera using log and capture (fairly straight forward). I saved some files on fcp and when I ran out of memory I starting saving the files on an external hard drive. In both cases all files were saved as .fcp.
    With some I saved them as .mov files also and the rest remained as .fcp. Fast forward a few months and I can’t open ANY of my .fcp files, only the .mov files. I can’t understand it and I’m worried because I have since deleted the mini dv tapes. Whenever I try to open a .fcp file all I see is ‘media off line’ over a red screen. I try to reconnect but no joy. Strangely the latest .fcp does open, but not ant previous ones. Any how, all the .fcp files have x-number of kb storred so there must be data on these files. Ive tried looking in autosave but no joy. I’ve tried looking on the hard drive if the mac as well as the external, but no joy.
    I need help – how can I open these files? I never even started editing, I just uploaded the footage, saved them as .fcp files and logged off. Yes some I saved as .mov files but not the rest.
    Any help would he appreciated.
    With thanks

  6. If you scroll through the list in the reconnect window to find the asset, this causes the bug. For some reason it keeps trying to send you to the top of the window in an infinite loop. Hence the crash.

    Don’t use the mouse or scroll. Use the arrow keys to select the item, then hit return and it gets you out of the bug.

  7. Ben, GOD BLESS YOU! This damn bug has plagued me for years and every time it comes up is a MASSIVE nuisance! Using the keyboard instead of the mouse works like a charm!!!

  8. Hold Command+option and clic on cancel.

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