How to import 7d video from your hard drive.

If you have a dslr and you are using the canon fcp ingest plug in you may have run into a situation where the plug in won’t recognize the memory card “dump” when you move footage over to a hard drive. This happens because the plug in looks for a specific folder structure.

The good news is that it is a very simple structure: there needs to be a parent folder that has two folders in it: a folder named “DCIM” and a folder named “MISC” Put a folder with your files in it in the DCIM folder. It doesn’t matter what the folder is named. The other thing is that you can’t delete the .THM files that come off of the memory card. (They are only a few kb in size, so I don’t know why people delete them in the first place)

In this image my files are in the “Canon 7d card dump 2010-04-16” folder.

That’s it! Go shoot!

~ by ross on May 4, 2010.

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  1. This is not worikng for me.
    Even if I recreate the DCIM and MISC folders on my HDD, E1 plugin tells me that the folder contains unsupported files, or is corrupt.

    Any ideas?
    ( I kept the .THM files )

  2. Yo Ross, I found this entry in a completely unrelated google search so good news is the blog is getting play. One thing I realized while doing this is that within the DCIM folder the footage needs to be in another folder. It doesn’t matter what the name is but if the footage is directly in the DCIM folder it will still throw the warning at you. Anyway, long live udownwithfcp!

  3. Marc, did you try what Mark said? I had initially not been clear on that so I fixed it above. Your footage needs to be in a folder in another folder named DCIM. See if that helps.

  4. It doesn’t work for me either. I have a 8GB USB stick with footage dumped in a folder called DCIM. I’ve moved it to a parent folder (called it card01). Tried to import it and it didn’t work. Then I looked at the card structure and saw another folder there called “MISC” and I’ve created that one and put it into a parent folder (card01) as well.

    Still doesn’t work. .THM files are all present.

  5. Folder structure goes as follows:

    Parent Folder>DCIM and MISC folders>100EOS7D(iside DCIM)>files

    Only by recreating those I was able to get it to mount in FCP plugin.

  6. Livesafer!

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