Get faster in Final Cut Pro – 10 – Keyboard remapping

Once fcp starts to become a part of you, you start to notice how it’s strangely missing some shortcuts. I must export to quicktime 20-30 times a day, why isn’t there a key command for that? It also has some simple shortcuts dedicated to infrequently needed things, like ‘w’ for toggle wireframes.

The answer is in keyboard remapping. You can change the keyboard commands to whatever you like, even deleting existing ones.

You can find the window in tools>keyboard layout>customize.

Click the lock to unlock the keyboard. Next find a key that is open, search for the command you want to bind it to, and drag the key to the command name in the right hand side. There are separate windows for all of the modifier keys (i.e. the shift tab means that all of the shortcuts there are the key+shift)

You can save the keyboard layouts and use them across multiple machines, too. One thing I would warn you of is that if you are an editor who does a lot of computer hopping then be careful how much you modify the layout. There is nothing more disconcerting than not having your layout installed and not knowing why half of your shortcuts don’t work!

Off the top of my head I like to remap Export, toggle wireframes, toggle audio clip names, and fit all. Let me know if you have any favorites in the comments.

~ by ross on April 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Get faster in Final Cut Pro – 10 – Keyboard remapping”

  1. I’ve remapped the “save all” to command+S and “render all” to F1. I am also a big fan of command + D for “deselect all”. When I am working on a laptop I’ve found that remapping “ripple delete” to the “/” key saves a ton of time instead of having to use shift+delete.

  2. My most fave besides making apple-e to ‘export’ is changing ‘add-edit’ to c.
    That way you can cruise through footage making cuts without stopping and its more ergonomically correct than the standard shift-v.

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