Canon 5d / 7d FCP Plugin released!

So this isn’t new news, but I seem to have missed it.
We all remember when Canon announced that they were releasing a fcp plugin for ingesting dslr footage. Then we waited. and waited. They finally released it! You can go here to download it straight from canon. Select your os and you are on your way!

Once it is downloaded and installed, restart fcp. Now you have the option to select a compact flash card in the log and transfer menu. My setup is converting to prores HQ and saving to the capture scratch. Pretty nice!

I would like to do a mpeg streamclip comparison, because I have heard some grumblings about how good / efficient fcp is in comparison. Even if it needs some work done, it is a big step in the right direction!

~ by ross on April 16, 2010.

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  1. Also, if you’ve got one of the newer Canon T2i cameras you can make a small modification to this plug-in to add support as well. I found this tutorial that walks through the changes:

  2. Ahh Now that is handy. Will be interesting to see that test if you ever get round to it.

  3. Does this plugin also take care of the wobbly effects of the 7d and the 5d? Or is that another plugin?

    Bye! Marnix

  4. nope. All that it does is ease the importing of footage. De-jellying is best done with a tripod. Anything after that requires some serious computing time and power, sadly.

  5. I don’t get which is the plugin!!! I go to the canon link, and choose my OS… then what?
    Lots of stuff to download. nothing says plugin or specifies video…
    is it a driver? software!???
    please explain without assumptions of my knowledge!!

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