Prokit 5.1 is for landlubbers only

Apple just released prokit 5.1 and it seems like it ought to do some good things.

* The issues addressed include:
* Corrected an issue with improper scrolling behavior.
* Resolved memory leaks for improved performance.
* Addressed layout of interface elements in certain application alert windows.

The one thing that they didn’t mention (and why would they?) is that it also purportedly invalidates a large swath of pirated serial numbers. This should probably be taken with a grain of salt, as the only cited source is a humble fcp blogger just like myself. Regardless keep your head down if you’re one of “the illegales”, and hopefully you can scrape together a few nickels to get legal!

PS shout out to Art bell at dreamlike pictures for the link.

~ by ross on March 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Prokit 5.1 is for landlubbers only”

  1. most definitely disables Final Cut Pro according to my friend who thinks he may have pirate-esque leanings. disables any kind of re-install too.
    so that’s great really, I was getting very worried about Apple’s net millions and how there just didn’t seem to be enough of them. So hopefully my friend will give them all his money so they can have steve jobs gold-plated. darn pirates…

  2. Problem was it also killed the people who originally owned those serial numbers that were pirated. Big annoyance.

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