Get faster in final cut pro – 6 – shift z

This one is also short and sweet, since last weeks tip turned out so well!

Shift z – zoom timeline to fit project. No more words are needed!

These are the kinds of tips and tricks you usually learn by watching someone else edit. If you have something that drastically speed up your editing, let me know in the comments!

~ by ross on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Get faster in final cut pro – 6 – shift z”

  1. At the beginning of every project, I drop a clip on the timeline and then
    – to change vertical size of timeline – I prefer ‘size 3’
    – to toggle opacity/levels timeline overlays
    – to toggle audio waveforms

    I reckon it saves about 2-5 minutes per short project. Or about a week per year…

  2. Nice tip. Shift-z works as well in the Viewer to either display the entire audio waveform in the Viewer window or to fill the Viewer (and Canvas) window with the current video displayed.

    To Peter:
    You can put that lost week back in the bank by setting the last two of those settings in User Preferences > Timeline Options for all newly created sequences.

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