Get faster in final cut pro – 5 – control v

This one is short and sweet. Not all of these tips need to be needlessly complicated.

Control-V – Control-V cuts a selected clip at playhead, or cuts all clips at playhead if no clip is selected. It only does one job, but it does it well. It is also much quicker than constantly toggling between the blade tool and the selection tool. This shortcut also allows you to edit on the fly. If you hit it while your timeline is playing it will temporarily add markers to the clip until you stop playback. Once you stop playback the markers will all turn into edits. You can even lay down edits while playing back faster than normal speed, and in reverse!

This is a great tool to set rough ins and outs from long multi-take shots. Try it out!

These are the kinds of tips and tricks you usually learn by watching someone else edit. If you have something that drastically speed up your editing, let me know in the comments!

~ by ross on February 3, 2010.

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  1. mega handy tip, I will make that one a staple for sure.

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