Twisted Trailer Editing contest

Ok, so contest isn’t really the right word, but I would like to propose a project. I intend on choosing a movie and editing a movie trailer for it… with a twist! I am sure we have all seen a few examples of these. The first two I can remember made the shining out to be a romantic comedy, and turned west side story into a zombie flick. The important thing is to pick a big enough change. Otherwise there isn’t much point. Turn a western into a comedy, a buddy movie into a deranged horror, or try to turn an action flick into a student art film. Be creative, and let’s see where we all end up!

With an hour and a half of footage it isn’t any wonder how this is possible, the question is more like why aren’t there more good examples of these recut trailers out there?

Getting down to the meat and potatoes: Sign up by leaving a comment below. Pick a movie. Edit your trailer, upload it somewhere and post the link here by February 28th, 2009. Deadlines are the best motivators, so get it in by then! It’ll give all of us a taste of what it must be like to be a trailer editor, and it’ll be fun along the way!

Here are two good examples I found. Good luck!

~ by ross on February 2, 2010.