Get faster in final cut pro – 4 – compressor preset naming for web

Rename Compressor presets for web compatibility.
This is another smack-your-forehead tip. By default Compressor has lots of spaces in the default filename suffixes it adds to your compressed files. This turns out to be a problem when you upload those to the web because the spaces turn into “%20″‘s and sometimes can split a link in half. Manually renaming each file to make it simpler and web-compliant is just a needless chore. Simply rename the “Name” field on the preset to something without any slashes or spaces and preferably keep it as short as possible. You can still keep the description field as wordy as you like. This also means you need to have web compatible sequence names, but that isn’t very hard, now is it?

These are the kinds of tips and tricks you usually learn by watching someone else edit. If you have something that drastically speed up your editing, let me know in the comments!

~ by ross on January 27, 2010.