Quick tune-up for a slow, corrupted final cut pro project

Sometimes after working on a project for a while it just slows down. It starts doing things like looking for old deleted footage or gives you really slow load times and weird render behavior. This could be caused by a bunch of things, including the project file getting corrupted, and overly referential filepaths. We don’t really know what causes this stuff. It could be the large hadron collider, I dunno.

The cause of this problem isn’t all that important since we have a solution: Export to XML.

By exporting the project to XML and then re-importing it, it forces final cut to clean house and reconnect file paths. When you re-import the XML you end up with a project that is faster with fewer errors.

You can find the export to xml menu under File>Export>XML

You want to select “Include Master Clips Outside Selection” in the next window.

Next you need to start a new project, go to File>Import>XML, and then select your XML file from the last step.

Voila! Your project works like new again!

~ by ross on January 25, 2010.