Temporarily turn audio linking off

This tip comes from jpicune blog They have a lot of FCP tips there as well – check them out!

Final Cut Pro Tip #022 – Temporarily Turn Linking Off.

The great thing about the option key with the Mac, is just that, it gives us options. And Final Cut takes advantage of these options. One very useful option is to use the option key to temporarily turn linking off on a selected clip.

To do this, simply hold down the option key an select a clip or edit point in the timeline. Since you are turning linking off you can select the video or audio of that particular clip. You can’t really move a clip using this technique, because it will preform and edit, but it is great for L cuts (I think FCP refers to them as spilt edits). Using the option key you can select the audio edit point and quickly roll it to the desired position. Another useful thing you can use this tip for, is to add a transition to just the audio or the video and not both. Definitely a bit quicker than just turning linking off.

One thing to add is that you can also select the clip and hit apple-l to toggle linking. The trick above is much faster in certain circumstances, but it’s good to know both!

~ by ross on January 15, 2010.