Get faster in final cut pro – 2 – roll tool

Roll tool on transitions – using the roll tool (r) on the end of a clip with a transition on it is the only quick way to change the clip length without cutting the transition and pasting it back in. To say this another way: lets say you have a single clip with a transition on one end and you want to make it shorter. The obvious way to do it is to cut the clip, delete the extra and put a new transition on it. If you hit the ‘r’ key, you can select the outpoint of the clip in the timeline, roll the clip shorter or longer, and the transition will stay the same length.

One other cool trick is that you can roll an edit point from the keyboard by selecting it, and then using [ or ] to move it.

These are the kinds of tips and tricks you usually learn by watching someone else edit. If you have something that drastically speeds up your editing, let me know in the comments!

~ by ross on January 13, 2010.

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