Email me when that is finished, compressor!

I don’t know if you have ever been able to get compressor to email you when it is done compressing, but I never have. The email control panel in compressor never seems to get the job done, so I decided to go about it a different way.

I just wrote an applescript that you can link to in compressor (last tab of the compression settings panel) It’s useful for when you’re really focused on something exporting, so you know when to be back at the old desk.

It will email you when it is done. simple. Click the read more link below to read how it’s done.

Here it is.

on open (thefiles)
--There should only be one file, but just in case send it through a loop
repeat with thefile in thefiles
do shell script "mail -s 'your mail subject here' < /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/> emailcontent.txt"
end repeat
end open

The file emailcontent.txt is just a textfile with the content of the email in it. Replace the email in the script with your email address. Paste this into script editor, save it as an application, link to it from compressor and BOOM! you’ve got mail!

One other trick is that you could send an email to your cellphone as a text message. For more info on that, check out this link.

This script sends mail through port 25, and many isps have this port blocked. You may run into trouble if they have it blocked. There are other ways of sending mail via applescript, but I will leave that part up to you.

~ by ross on December 30, 2009.

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  1. If Compressor can email your girlfriend, too, she’ll know when to have dinner ready 🙂

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